Garden Paving in West Wickham
Signs You Need New Block Paving or Other Surface Materials

Time takes its toll on all garden paving. What was once brand new becomes weathered and rundown, creating a space that no longer looks how it should. Hopefully, damage occurs after many years of enjoyment, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, new driveways suffer problems due to workmanship issues, design troubles or other problems which stem from everyday use. When damage arises with your block paving in West Wickham, be sure to call the most trusted groundwork contractors available. Element Groundwork Ltd creates new driveways, performs drainage installation and delivers a wide range of services at an affordable rate.

So how can you tell when you need new garden paving or a fresh driveway?

You See Visible Cracks

One of the key problems to watch out for is a crack or fissure, which will likely grow as time goes on. Winter can prove especially troublesome, as water enters these cracks and then freezes over. As the water turns to ice, it can expand to form potholes that need immediate care. Some of the sturdier materials include manufactured porcelain and modern block paving, among others.

Standing or Pooling Water

The weather in West Wickham can turn at short notice. Once the rains come, you may notice the water stays in place and fails to drain away. This is why drainage installation and porous garden paving slabs are so important. It takes knowledgeable groundwork contractors, with a talent for landscaping, to craft new driveways and patios that remain free from standing water. If left ignored for months or years, this problem can damage the surface even more and create a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.

Dislodged Materials

It’s concerning when you see garden paving move underfoot – even more so if it’s near a step and could cause a fall. With new block paving from Element Groundwork Ltd, you make the whole environment safer for yourself, as well as family members and much-loved pets. With a passion for new driveways and the ability to carry out drainage installation work, we can build a low-maintenance landscape that’s unlikely to suffer from similar problems.

It’s Old and Unsightly

New installations will naturally be more pleasing to the eye than old surfaces around West Wickham. Garden paving may fade, while driveways, play spaces and pathways lose their appeal through general wear and tear. If your landscape no longer suits your style preferences, then our groundwork contractors are on hand to take the strain out of the creative process. We offer free advice and can discuss the benefits of block paving, Indian sandstone, concrete, limestone and other landscape materials.

You’re Concerned About Market Value

New driveways and garden paving won’t just benefit those who stay put in the longer term. They can also boost the property’s resale value, allowing savvy homeowners to raise the price when they move out. By choosing our groundwork contractors for design, paving and drainage installation, you maximise the value of your property in West Wickham or the surrounding areas. In this way, our work often serves as a great investment – and one that pays out when moving to a larger home.

If any of these issues apply to your landscape, choose the team at Element Groundwork Ltd. We put our customers first, each and every time.

To replace your old driveway or garden paving materials in the West Wickham area, call 01634 258239. We can supply and install block paving and other premium options.