Do You Need Groundwork Contractors
in Orpington, Chislehurst, Bromley, West Wickham or the Nearby Areas?

Every new construction project begins with the necessary groundworks. This process involves clearing the space of vegetation other materials, before excavating to the right depths and laying the foundations for the upcoming build. As groundwork contractors with over a century of shared experience, we understand the need for excellence better than most. Our team uses the right equipment for the task and works to maintain a secure environment in full compliance with health and safety regulations. We cover Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst, West Wickham, and can extend our service further afield.

Element Groundwork Ltd caters to domestic and commercial projects. We understand that no build can begin without the proper earthworks in place, and delays will have a knock-on effect. In turn, we push to deliver on schedule without providing anything but the best care available.

You can rely on our groundwork contractors for the following:

  • A Free Survey and Quote
  • Site Clearance and Excavation
  • Foundations and Footings
  • Sewer Construction
  • Basement Construction
  • Reinstatement
  • All General Groundworks
  • Trenching and More

We also perform drainage installation work to ensure rain and foul waste runs into the sewers below. Please contact Element Groundwork Ltd to outline your needs with the area’s time-served experts.

High-Quality Earthworks From the Experienced Groundwork Contractors

Be it a new build or reinstatement project, all groundworks demand a consistent level of care. This is because problems with the earth can lead to serious issues above, including subsidence and drainage issues. As such, our groundwork contractors pay close attention to detail for unrivalled success in the longer term.

Site Clearance and Excavation

No construction project in Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst, West Wickham or the nearby areas can start without site clearance work. Our team uproots any unwanted greenery and can provide partial clearing for the preservation of any certain structures or trees. We will excavate the site by removing the uppermost layers of soil, digging to the proper depths as outlined in the planning stage. This all comes from trusted groundwork contractors who maintain a professional worksite from beginning to end.

Footings and Foundation Laying

Without a solid set of foundations, the property would quickly sink into the dirt. By laying the right foundations according to soil type and the level of support required, we help to keep structures strong and stable. This leads to a vastly reduced risk of subsidence and other ground-related problems. Our services include individual and combined footings, raft or mat foundation laying, as well as strip, slab, floating and trench-fill foundations.

Sewer and Basement Construction

Creating a sewer system proves a complex task, but Element Groundwork Ltd is up to the challenge. You can rely on our groundwork contractors to for the installations needed for the project, whether it’s in Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst, West Wickham or the nearby regions. We also excavate and build to form new basements, defending the interior from moisture issues with a damp-proof course.

Despite specialising in groundworks, that’s far from all we do. We also perform a diverse range of other services, such as construction, safety surfacing, external light fixtures and more besides.

For professional earthworks in Bromley, Orpington, Chislehurst, West Wickham and beyond, call the region’s trusted groundwork contractors on 01634 258239.