New Driveways in Chislehurst
Block Paving and Other Popular Driveway and Garden Paving Options

With so many garden paving and driveway materials available, it’s not always easy to know which way to turn. Do you go for the more basic and affordable option, or do you splash out on something a little more fancy? After years of working with block paving and a broad selection of other materials, our groundwork contractors can discuss every pro and con for your satisfaction. We also provide drainage installation work for landscapes around Chislehurst – ensuring smooth water runoff for a surface that looks great and needs fewer repairs.

New driveways and patios deserve the best products on the market. Learn more about just some of the most popular options below, then contact Element Groundwork Ltd for advice, a free survey and quotation.

Block Paving – Great for domestic landscapes and commercial spaces, block paving consists of compacted blocks which form patterned rows. Unlike many alternatives, it allows you to combine assorted colours and edging, and form a design in the centre for something truly unique. Tough yet elegant, this paving is a preferred option that we’re always happy to recommend.

Gravel – Only one type of landscape material offers the sound of loose stone underfoot. This is because gravel isn’t really garden paving in the traditional sense. New driveways made from gravel feature decorative aggregates that won’t split or crack, so damage won’t be quite so obvious. You must regrade the surface every year or so, however, in order to keep your landscape in Chislehurst looking great for many years.

Resin-Bound Paving – Typically cheaper than block paving, resin-bound systems consist of multiple layers and are highly permeable, which means they allow for efficient water drainage. Our groundwork contractors understand how important this is, and frequently perform drainage installation work for clients in the local area. Resin-bound paving also won’t suffer from weed growth or stone displacement problems.

Porcelain – A manufactured type of garden paving, porcelain may look perfectly smooth, but it isn’t as slippery as you might think. This is because it boasts a rating of R11, with R9 being for dry-only spaces and R13 for wetter environments. As such, it’s great for everyday landscaping use. Porcelain also resists staining, algae, moss and frost problems. Although it’s more expensive than block paving and other materials used for new driveways and patios in Chislehurst, our groundwork contractors supply porcelain a competitive rate.

Concrete – Sometimes, a simple surface is best. Popular across the UK for its affordability and low-maintenance requirements, concrete is a no-fuss option for new driveways and garden paving projects alike. Our groundwork contractors often include concreting as part of the job, as it’s vital for the laying of foundations and footings. Before we concrete an environment, we can perform the drainage installation work to prevent surface water issues.

Green Driveways – Do you fancy an alternative to the everyday paving options? Element Groundwork Ltd is delighted to offer something a little different to clients in the Chislehurst area. We can provide greenery for a more natural looking space and can even install glass features. By including some greenery in the design, you enhance the look of the property and add a splash of colour to what may otherwise be an overly simple landscape.

For more information about block paving and the other materials we use for new driveways in the Chislehurst area, call the expert groundwork contractors on 01634 258239.